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Hi!  I’m Phillip The Tire and I’m running for president!  I know Americans want to feel safe, reduce energy use and make their dollars stretch farther.  That’s why I’m running on a pro-inflation platform. Let’s face it – no one knows the benefits of inflation better than me.  So hop aboard my campaign that’s now rolling across America and help me bring some much-needed inflation to all Americans.

I'm not your typical politician. I give it to you straight! Here's what I want to do as your leader
  • Keep America Rolling. Americans are a people on the move. The right inflation will help to ensure mobility for Americans.
  • Keep America Safe. Inflation promotes safety! When inflation is low, your safety is at increased risk.
  • Promote Energy Efficiency. Low inflation hurts the ability of Americans to maximize fuel economy. More inflation will improve fuel efficiency.
  • Help You Make Your Money Go Farther. My pro-inflation policies will help Americans stretch their dollars and keep them rolling longer.
Campaign Stops
Phillip the Tire kicked off his campaign with a tour of New Hampshire.
On the Move
Phillip is hard at work getting physically fit to bring more inflation to America!
Meet and Greet
Phillip talks to consumers about the importance of proper tire care.
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